Managed Firewall Request Form

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Network Configuration

Required Firewall Mode

DHCP Required

Access Rules



VPN Type

Configuration Information

Phase 1 - please replicate on remote site firewall:

  • Authentication: SHA1
  • Encryption: AES(256bit)
  • SA Life: 8H
  • Key group Diffie-Hellman 2
  • IKE-Keepalive 30sec
  • Dead peer detection 20sec

Phase 2 - please replicate on remote site firewall:

  • Type ESP
  • Authentication: SHA1
  • Encryption: AES(256bit)
  • Key Expiration: 8H
Please note:
  • LAN address is the network behind your firewall at remote site that you want to route through the tunnel.
  • The routing direction is for the remote LAN to reach the local LAN (Local to remote, remote to local or both directions).

Access rules required for traffic traversing the tunnel?

Stated Rules



Please note: All the relevant information (e.g. WAN IP address, port zone assignment etc.) with regards to the firewall setup will be forwarded on to customer in hand over document.